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Move May

I’m moving every single day this May to conquer cancer! Workout to Conquer Cancer is one of Canada’s largest online fitness challenge fundraisers and brings together communities of cancer survivors and hundreds of others who have been impacted by the disease. Funds raised stay right here in B.C., fuelling the work of scientists and clinicians as they continue to advance research, enhance care, and improve the lives of people facing cancer today.

Whether you are taking part in this month-long fundraiser or just looking for some tips on how to eat to fuel your workouts, I’ve got you covered!

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Health Up Your Workday

The headlines warned us years ago that sitting was the new smoking, but even as awareness of the problem grows, our behaviour still has not changed! Why? Is it because of workplace culture? Uncomfortable standing shoes? Or nonspecific recommendations regarding how long we should sit for? We could sit here (no pun intended) for hours debating the inner workings of our society but the question still remains what can we do about it? Could a standing desk be a solution to our problem?

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The One Fruit All Athletes Should Know About

The humble banana is anything but basic! This inexpensive, versatile fruit might very well be the next sports drink according to a recent study out of the Dole Nutrition Research Lab. The study compared the effect of consuming a banana versus a 6% carbohydrate drink on cyclist racing a 75 km event and found that the both groups of cyclist had similar results when it came to performance, blood sugar levels, inflammation and immune levels.

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One of my favourite authors wrote a whole book on bonking; however, she was referring to a different type of bonking then what I’ll be talking about today. Sorry to disappoint! Bonking in the sporting world is when an athlete ‘hits the wall’ or becomes exhausted and exhaustion can happen in endurance events lasting over 2 hours when the body has depleted all its carbohydrate reserves. Here’s how to prevent bonking:

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Nature's Sports Drink

Thanks to celebrities and professional athletes I probably don’t have to reveal what beverage I’m referring to when I say nature’s sports drink…that’s right; you guessed it – coconut water! To give you some background information, coconut water is the liquid found in immature coconuts. The nutritional information varies depending on the maturity of the plant but in general coconut water, compared to a man-made sports drink, contains less sodium, more potassium and slightly less carbohydrates. So, is it for you?

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