Health Up Your Workday


The headlines warned us years ago that sitting was the new smoking, but even as awareness of the problem grows, our behaviour still has not changed! Why? Is it because of workplace culture? Uncomfortable standing shoes? Or nonspecific recommendations regarding how long we should sit for? We could sit here (no pun intended) for hours debating the inner workings of our society but the question still remains what can we do about it? Could a standing desk be a solution to our problem?

According to one study, people who sat for less than 30 mins at a time, had the lowest risk of early death. So, are you taking a movement break every 30 mins? Probably not...but if you were standing at a standing desk would you be more likely to move?


Standing desks can be a part of a healthy lifestyle as they encourage us to move! Standing isn’t necessarily “healthier” than sitting but standing can act as a mindful reminder to take a movement break every 30 minutes. Also, advocates of standing desks, point to studies that standing, compared to sitting, may reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain. Just make sure when you make the transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk that you do it slowly to ease your body (aka your feet) into the new routine. Check out this easy desk converter!     

Interesting standing fact: did you know that standing only burns an extra 8 calories an hour compared to sitting? Make sure you still hit the gym after work!

And don’t forget about those healthy desk snacks, such as: pre-cut up veggies with hummus and roasted chickpeas to keep you going throughout the work day!


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