Part 1 of the Snack Series: The Best Back to School/Work Snacks

Welcome back from summer vacation! Your local grocery store will be busy this weekend with everyone getting ready for the upcoming week but don’t forget to include a healthy snack in those lunch boxes! The secret to a good snack is protein & fibre – both fill you up and give you energy in order to last until your next meal. Here are the 20 best back to school/work snacks. And just a heads-up some of these snacks need a little extra time to prep but I promise you it’s worth the effort. Enjoy!

  1. Cottage cheese with fruit
  2. Plain yogurt with fruit and granola
  3. Dried fruit with pumpkin seeds
  4. Chia seed pudding with fruit
  5. Hemp hummus with veggies
  6. Bean dip with veggies
  7. Crackers (Wasa/Ryvita) and cheese
  8. Roasted chick peas
  9. Dessert tofu with fruit
  10. Edamame
  11. Pumpkin seed butter/tahini with whole grain bread
  12. Pumpkin seed butter with figs
  13. Cold roasted veggies (yams, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, squash)
  14. Oatmeal (add molasses, cinnamon & nutmeg)
  15. Smoothie (milk + frozen banana)
  16. Bocconcini cheese balls mixed with grape tomatoes
  17. Trail mix (golden berries instead of raisins, seeds, chocolate chips)
  18. Low-salt popcorn/air popped popcorn with nutritional yeast
  19. Tzatziki with cucumber, zucchini and dried cranberries with sprouted bread
  20. Tuna with crackers or whole grain bread

 Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Snack Series: Skip the Sugary Snacks and Grab…

 Happy September! 


Jessica Pirnak