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Nature's Sports Drink

Thanks to celebrities and professional athletes I probably don’t have to reveal what beverage I’m referring to when I say nature’s sports drink…that’s right; you guessed it – coconut water! To give you some background information, coconut water is the liquid found in immature coconuts. The nutritional information varies depending on the maturity of the plant but in general coconut water, compared to a man-made sports drink, contains less sodium, more potassium and slightly less carbohydrates. So, is it for you?

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Here I was at the gym enjoying my 30 minutes of elliptical bliss when I noticed another gym user take a swig of his Gatorade. This scenario made me laugh because do you really need a sports drink only to run on a treadmill for half an hour? If he’s at the gym to lose weight or to get fit then burning calories matters and his logic doesn’t add up.

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