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Are you ready to make small steps towards a healthier, happier you? Join the Choices Markets Nutrition Team's Rethink Your Resolutions Challenge before January 31st, 2018 to get started on your path to incremental change.  


How many times have you made New Year's resolutions? How many of those resolutions have you kept to date? Maybe, this year, it's time to rethink your resolutions so they lead to lasting change and to a healthier happier you. Rethink your New Year's resolutions this year by building smarter habits for more sustainable lifestyle change, not quick fixes. Below we outline the keys to making a plan for changes that will actually last.

Be Specific

Instead of saying you will eat more fruits and veggies clarify by saying every meal and snack will include a vegetable or that you will have a serving of fruit at breakfast. 

Baby Steps

Every week master one goal relating to your final wellness goal. For instance, want to work towards eating less animal products? Week one start by drinking your coffee with almond milk.

Seek Social Support

For motivation, social support is so important and that's why your in-store nutrition consultant (me at the North Van store!) wants to hear from you every week. First, book an in-store consult to narrow down your individualized four habits. Plus, with exclusive access to an online support group moderated by our team of nutritionists and dietitians, you will never be alone. See your in-store nutrition consultant or check online for the list of nutrition expert recommended healthy habits.

Be Accountable

After your initial in-store consult - follow up weekly with your nutrition consultant over the next three weeks to ensure you're on the right track (plus, pick up more recipes). This will keep you accountable and zero out any barriers that get in the way.

Don't Give Up

Set backs are a BIG part of the change process - do not give up but learn from the experience. What was happening for you at the time of the set back? What were the triggers? And most importantly focus on what is working and on your strengths. Then, spend extra time exploring the areas in which expectations have not been met and create a plan for improvement. Try different tools and resources and reach out for support - that's what we're here for.

You're on the right track to building lasting lifestyle changes. It can take 10 weeks to build a habit so continue to focus on your four newfound habits until they become an effortless part of your everyday routine.

Contact myself or Elizabeth at nutrition@choicesmarkets.com to get started! 


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