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Turkey Transparency

Let’s talk turkey! Before making your purchase of a brightly packaged bird it is important to know where your food comes from and all the people involved in the process. A few months ago, I pulled on my rubber boats and trekked out to Island Bison Ranch to tell you the story behind their farm. Today I’ll introduce you to Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods in Abbotsford. Full disclosure - I thought I was heading to their turkey farm but it ended up being their processing plant, which opened my eyes to the production of poultry.

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Rotten Egg #7 - Rice

Happy September Everyone! I hope you all had a great summer and are somewhat looking forward to getting back to reality. September has always been my January and I’m looking forward to this New Year with many Food Yourself resolutions. To start, I promise to use Twitter more! Also, as I was glancing through my previous posts, I realized I haven’t done a “rotten egg” since February, so I thought now would be as good of a time as ever. Without further ado please sit back and enjoy this 51st post. 

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