This Week's CSA - Week 5!

Week 5:

Rehoboth Farms in Chilliwack

Do I want to participate in Crisp Organics SPCA certified egg share program? Do the bees’ buzz? Does the sun shine? Yes – of course I do! In a nutshell SPCA certified farmers work hard to make sure their animals come first and Rehoboth Farm in Chilliwack, has partnered with Crisp Organics, to bring us happy eggs. Lucky for me, the sold out program opened up more egg shares this past week as the farm’s young hens finally came into maturity. Sign me up please!

What was in this week’s box: fava beans, red potatoes, mint leaves, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, and tomatoes.

I’m not going to try to deny it but this was a bad week…we had two family dinners and went to Kelowna for the weekend, in other words, not a lot of home-cooked meals. Lesson learned: bring a dish using the harvest box produce to family dinners or ask what their making and if you can contribute some of the produce “oh you’re making roast potatoes? Well I have some fresh, organic potatoes from my harvest box!”

Reid made a guacamole out of the fava beans (thank you Reid), the carrots & half of the zucchini were eaten raw in a picnic dinner, half of the potatoes were roasted in a quick easy hash and some of the lettuce & tomatoes were eaten in tacos. Not bad but not ideal! The plan for the mint leaves is to throw them in some home-brewed kombucha with fresh fruit – delicious & refreshing! 

What was left after the week: little bit of lettuce, potatoes, fava beans, mint and half of a zucchini.

If you invite me over for dinner I’ll bring you some fava beans….  

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