Let's Eat at Home Tonight

Restaurant Food on a Plate

Confession: I love eating out. I love eating in general but eating out has to be one of my favourite things to do with family and friends. A dietitian once told me that it’s ok to eat out as long as we’re not doing it all of the time. She specifically recommended twice a week as a healthy goal, which is what I’ve been trying to follow. However, I treat eating out as just that - a treat. French fries? Yes, please! Bacon? Yes, please. I recently stumbled upon a survey that opened my eyes to the restaurant world.

If you have 5 minutes please, please take this survey: http://cspinet.org/nah/quiz/index.html

So, here’s what I learned: - Turkey is a healthier choice than ham - Get light cream cheese instead of butter on your bagel (believe it or not jam is actually even better) - Order a muffin rather than a scone - Don’t buy snacks (even Twizzlers) at the movies, and - Skip the refried beans at Mexican restaurants

What did you learn from the survey? Now that I’ve ruined eating out, lets add some salt to that wound – don’t forget restaurant meals are often high in sodium because it’s an easy and inexpensive way to make food taste good. Here are some helpful tips: use only a small amount of condiments, like ketchup, watch out for ingredients labeled “pickled” or “cured” as the preservation process includes a whack of sodium, and try eating only half your meal. Most restaurant-sized proportions are large enough for two anyways, so it’s an easy way to cut your salt intake in half. For more information on salt check out last weeks post – Much Ado About Salt.

Take away message: eating out every once in awhile is ok just don’t be a passive eater - be cognoscente of what you’re eating, in other words share that dessert or appetizer to minimize that whooping 1,000 calorie meal.

Image Courtesy of ZagatBuzz