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My One & Only Restaurant Review

As you know, I don’t usually get into recipe or restaurant reviews but I thought I would make an exception for a restaurant I went to last week with some friends. I guess you could also say it would be a good restaurant to try out on Halloween, but it would also be appropriate any time of the year. Speaking of Halloween, can you believe it’s November next week? Wow! Where did October go? 

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Let's Eat at Home Tonight

Confession: I love eating out. I love eating in general but eating out has to be one of my favourite things to do with family and friends. A dietitian once told me that it’s ok to eat out as long as we’re not doing it all of the time. She specifically recommended twice a week as a healthy goal, which is what I’ve been trying to follow. However, I treat eating out as just that - a treat. French fries? Yes, please! Bacon? Yes, please. I recently stumbled upon a survey that opened my eyes to the restaurant world.

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