My One & Only Restaurant Review

As you know, I don’t usually get into recipe or restaurant reviews but I thought I would make an exception for a restaurant I went to last week with some friends. I guess you could also say it would be a good restaurant to try out on Halloween, but it would also be appropriate any time of the year. Speaking of Halloween, can you believe it’s November next week? Wow! Where did October go?

Anyways… Recently (September 20th) Vancouver opened its first blind dining restaurant – it’s actually only the third one in Canada! According to Dark Table’s website the blind dining concept originated with a blind man who would blindfold his dinner guests in an attempt to teach them what it was like for him to eat. They loved the concept so much the experience turned into an idea for a restaurant.

At Dark Table you don’t have to be blindfolded because the restaurant itself is that dark. To explain how dark it was the only description I can give you is that your eyes never adjust to the darkness, so the whole time you’re without sight. The food was awesome – not sure if it was because my taste buds were enhanced or if the food was just good but it was really good. I also never used my utensils and ate salad, chicken, potatoes and veggies all with my fingers, which was secretly a lot of fun! The only scary moment was being left alone at the wrong table for what felt like 10 minutes (probably only 10 seconds) and trying to figure out what my ‘surprise’ dish was! For someone, who talks with their hands and is really animated I found it hard talking to no one in particular and how easy it was to fade into the background and just enjoy the moment.

Definitely go but not for the food for the experience because it was priceless! For an actual review of the restaurant check out what the Vancouver Sun had to say here.