Rotten Egg #2 - Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon

Plate of bacon and eggs

Take a moment to describe your perfect day. When I was asked this question I imagined my perfect day starting with me waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee…Mmmm bacon. Everyone loves bacon and unfortunately this post is not about how it’s secretly healthy for you – I wish. It’s about the notion that turkey bacon is healthier for you then the real thing, is this true? Or is this just another rotten egg?

As far as calories and fat go, on average, turkey bacon contains significantly less of both compared to regular bacon. However, there are some brands of turkey bacon that contain similar amounts of calories, so watch out. While turkey is a leaner meat, turkey bacon is not made up of 100% turkey, there are many additives and extra ingredients to go along with it. I dare you to take a look. However, with regular bacon at least you’re eating real food. Warning – both contain a mouthful of sodium, so eat only on special occasions.

What do I do? Well, I eat both. Maybe I should be more worried about additives than I am but it’s naturally easier to judge any food product by calories and fat so in general I am more inclined to eat turkey bacon than the regular stuff.

Take away message – it’s ok to treat yourself to a couple of slices of bacon every once in a while, but otherwise save yourself the extra calories, fat, and saturated fat by eating turkey bacon. Here are some helpful suggestions: at the supermarket read the labels of all turkey bacon packages to make sure you picked the one with the least amount of calories and fat. In the kitchen try turkey bacon as a substitute if calories mean more to you than taste, and at the table grab only two slices of bacon and pass the rest to the person sitting beside you. Turkey BLT here I come…

Image courtesy of bgolub