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Turkey Transparency

Let’s talk turkey! Before making your purchase of a brightly packaged bird it is important to know where your food comes from and all the people involved in the process. A few months ago, I pulled on my rubber boats and trekked out to Island Bison Ranch to tell you the story behind their farm. Today I’ll introduce you to Rossdown Farms and Natural Foods in Abbotsford. Full disclosure - I thought I was heading to their turkey farm but it ended up being their processing plant, which opened my eyes to the production of poultry.

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Rotten Egg #2 - Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon

Take a moment to describe your perfect day. When I was asked this question I imagined my perfect day starting with me waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee…Mmmm bacon. Everyone loves bacon and unfortunately this post is not about how it’s secretly healthy for you – I wish. It’s about the notion that turkey bacon is healthier for you then the real thing, is this true? Or is this just another rotten egg?

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