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Good Morning, Morning!

A quick Google search will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but you probably didn’t need a Google search to enlighten you since this fact can be found everywhere - from cereal boxes to television commercials, or even your mom. So, the next logical question is why? It’s my learning style to understand the ‘why’ before I make any type of behavioural change and assuming I’m not the only one who learns this way I thought I would share this ‘why’ with you.

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Rotten Egg #2 - Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon

Take a moment to describe your perfect day. When I was asked this question I imagined my perfect day starting with me waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee…Mmmm bacon. Everyone loves bacon and unfortunately this post is not about how it’s secretly healthy for you – I wish. It’s about the notion that turkey bacon is healthier for you then the real thing, is this true? Or is this just another rotten egg?

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