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Food. How can I put into words how much I appreciate and love food? To have someone prepare food for you is such a wonderful treat, to share that food with people you love is a priceless experience and it’s magical to see how many different ways the same vegetable can be prepared. However, I am so disheartened when I hear stories of people struggling with eating disorders. And now there’s new research to suggest that middle-aged and older women are suffering from body dissatisfaction…this is not a young persons disorder anymore! What is wrong with our society? Here’s a new perspective on dieting.

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Here I was at the gym enjoying my 30 minutes of elliptical bliss when I noticed another gym user take a swig of his Gatorade. This scenario made me laugh because do you really need a sports drink only to run on a treadmill for half an hour? If he’s at the gym to lose weight or to get fit then burning calories matters and his logic doesn’t add up.

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