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What this Dietitian and You are Deficient in

Lately I’ve been feeling like the last remaining cheerleader for fibre. Everyone with their crazy paleo and keto diets have decided to abandon this amazing nutrient and are now suffering the consequences. Bloated? Constipated? Unexplained diarrhea? Gas? (Sounds like a Pepto-Bismol ad?!?) Well you might just be fibre deficient. Even if your gut is healthy and happy, I’m betting that you’re still not consuming an adequate amount of fibre a day because we all are deficient – even me!

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Good, Good, Whole Grain Breadies

Is it just me or is buying a loaf of bread getting really complicated? I have to admit, I grew up eating boring old brown bread, but the moment I moved out I made the switch to white. I tricked myself into believing that the nutrient content was the same and it was just the big bad food companies trying to confuse us…well it looks like my parents were right all along – don’t you just hate that!

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