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20 Ways to Get More Plants on Your Plate

Welcome to week 4! Are you ready to get energized? I know I am! Getting more fruit and vegetables in at each meal is not new news. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to eat more fruit and vegetables I would be a rich fancy lady by now, but unfortunately, this age old advice is harder to put into action than it sounds. Looking for inspiration on how to do this? Look no further and I promise you these tips will not include eating a salad at every meal. But before we jump into them let’s talk about how much produce to buy and storage because we all hate food waste.

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Power Couples

Pretend you’re not reading a food blog right now…if I were to ask you to name a ‘power couple,’ what would you say? Brad and Angelina? William and Kate? What about chickpeas and red pepper? Probably not the last one – but I hope after you read this post that the term ‘power couple’ will have a whole new meaning to you.

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Eat the Rainbow

According to the Canadian Food Guide the average adult female should be eating 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, while the average adult male should be eating 8-10. Even if you’re already hitting this mark, you may still be coming up short in the nutrient department. How could this be possible? Well, it’s probably because you’re getting the majority of your daily phytonutrients from the same few types of produce.

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