This Week's CSA!

Week 1: 

Abby Welcoming the Box!

Abby Welcoming the Box!

I feel like a part of the Crisp Organic family already! One of the founders had their own delivery last week – a baby boy! All members received this lovely email from dad about the steep learning curve of starting a farm from scratch and how much he is looking forward to the new adventure of raising a family on the farm. I love knowing where my food comes from – it’s literally farm to table!

What was in this week’s box: potatoes, carrots, strawberries, green onions (biggest green onions I have ever seen!), peas and salad mix. (And no leeks!)

I was mostly concerned about the potatoes and green onions – all the rest were easy add-ons to meals or snacks and the portions were reasonable (for instance the salad mix was two servings). So, what to do with potatoes & green onions? Potato salad! Being a newbie to making potato salad I was shocked to discover how unFoodSafe this ‘picnic side dish’ actually is! Hard-boiled eggs!…no wonder why we all have food poisoning after munching on potato salad all day at the beach. If taking to the beach this summer skip the hard-boiled eggs and for extra precaution use a vegan (egg-free) mayo. Apparently, commercially made mayo is safe (probably because the egg ingredient is almost non-existent).

As for the rest of the green onions we added them to scrambled eggs on Saturday & Sunday – did you hear that the ‘One Egg a Week’ campaign for heart health is out the window and we can now eat ‘One Egg a Day?’ Go crazy - eggs are back in style!

Lonely Left-Over Potatoes 

Lonely Left-Over Potatoes 

After the week all that was left was two lonely potatoes. But they’ll be happy sitting in the produce drawer for another week or two as long as new potatoes don’t show up next week!      

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first week with our CSA. Receiving a personal email about farm life and learning more about this family made me feel more connected to the food on our table. And having a zero waste goal pushed us to be creative with our dishes. Potatoes are usually a winter dish so learning to use them for a potato salad was great!

Stay tuned for next week! 

Are you a member of a different CSA harvest box? If so, we would love to hear what was in your box this week and how you conquered all your produce!    

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