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Italian Take-Away

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating rather than a formal diet plan. It features foods eaten in Greece, Spain, southern Italy and France, and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. More and more research is showing that by following this way of eating we can lower our risk of certain diseases, improve our mood, boost our energy levels and keep our heart and brain healthy. It’s not a coincidence that these guys are living until they are over 100! As a dietitian and food lover I needed to do some research into this so-called Mediterranean diet, so I packed my bags and went to southern Italy for 3+ weeks (hard work – right?)

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The Baby Vitamin

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Don’t you just love this holiday? Or maybe it’s just me… So, how many people were blaming the turkey last night as they were falling asleep on the couch? If that sounds familiar then I invite you to take a trip down memory lane to my Thanksgiving post last year…but if you don’t have time let me just remind you that it’s not the Turkey. 

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