Good Morning, Morning!


A quick Google search will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but you probably didn’t need a Google search to enlighten you since this fact can be found everywhere - from cereal boxes to television commercials, or even your mom. So, the next logical question is why? It’s my learning style to understand the ‘why’ before I make any type of behavioural change and assuming I’m not the only one who learns this way I thought I would share this ‘why’ with you.

First factoid regarding breakfast – the word comes from someone breaking his or her overnight fast (not eating)…very interesting!

Anyways, by skipping breakfast you are actually messing up your metabolism for the rest of the day! Let me explain. While we are sleeping our body is fasting and if we decide not to eat breakfast our body thinks it is now starving. A good analogy is when someone diets and restricts their overall consumption of food. Unfortunately, the reason why they don’t actually lose weight is because their body thinks it’s starving, so every thing they consume their body will store as fat. Same goes for breakfast. Your body thinks it’s starving so will hold on to fat for the rest of the day. In other words we need breakfast to kick-start our metabolism for the day.

Try to eat breakfast within a 1½ - 2 hours after waking – but don’t wait any longer! And to all those breakfast haters out there you don’t actually have to eat ‘breakfast food.’ You can eat left over pizza or even a sandwich! But you might have to wake up a little bit earlier to prepare this most important meal of the day!

Last tidbit regarding breakfast try incorporating three food groups into this meal (well any meal really). For example: cereal with milk and a banana, or toast with peanut butter and a glass of juice are awesome options.

Now you can finally say good morning to the morning!

Image courtesy of The Second Pancake