A Three-Balanced Meal

A Well Balanced Meal

Growing up, your mom, coach and doctor probably told you to eat a “well-balanced meal.” So, as an adult have you finally figured out what that meant? If not, hopefully this post will help.

A well-balanced meal is a meal that includes three food groups. As a dietetics student I was told this should be really easy but surprisingly it’s not! However, if you’re already an expert then challenge yourself by trying to incorporate four food groups into one meal.

Here are some suggestions:

Breakfast: dry cereal with milk and a banana

Lunch: sandwich with protein and veggies with a side of carrots (and a cookie)

Dinner: cooked chicken breast, rice, and peas

Sounds simple enough but sometimes it’s easy to forget those added extras, such as the banana or carrots. So, next time you’re making a meal, just make a conscious effort to incorporate three food groups.