My Second & Last Restaurant Review


Remember when I told you I wouldn’t write another restaurant review after my post on Dark Table? Well…I’m breaking my own rule again by telling you my Fable story.  A couple of weeks ago it was Reid's and my anniversary, in other words, the perfect excuse to dress up and eat amazing food, so we booked our dinner reservation at Fable.

I wish I was exaggerating when I say I’ve been talking about this restaurant for months (my poor friends). When I told them Reid and I would be going I think they were more excited than me because now I would finally stop talking about it. You might be wondering why I was so excited? Well, it all started with a summer obsession with Top Chef Canada.

All the contestants on Top Chef Canada were amazing and of course, as a viewer, I had no idea who to cheer for, but Trevor Bird became a favourite once I discovered he was from Vancouver. Long story short, Trevor was runner-up for the title of Top Chef Canada, unfortunately he was just unable to beat Carl. Anyways, back to Fable. As I’m sure you’ve guessed it - Trevor is the chef at Fable!!

Fable was an idea he came up with while on the show and their motto ‘farm to table’ literally speaks for itself. Fable’s lay out is unique as their open kitchen allows the chefs to interact with the customers. Of course I was too chicken to sit that close to him, so we sat at a quiet table for two. After Reid and I ordered the exact same item (pork tenderloin) lo and behold Trevor approached our table! He asked if he could do this ‘off the menu’ pork tenderloin for two? The dish, which arrived on a wooden plate, had bacon, pork on top of roasted winter vegetables and this amazing applesauce and jam.

Honestly, I’m trying not to be biased, but this was probably one of the best meals I’ve had! Apparently, I didn’t say a word to Trevor when he spoke to us or dropped off our food, but in my head we had an amazing conversation!