So Far Not a Happy New Year


Is it just me or is everyone sick right now? Are we that stressed out during the holidays that are immune systems become more susceptible to these nasty bugs? Or maybe it’s because we’ve been squished together in shopping malls and at family functions allowing germs to easily jump ship? Whatever the case may be everyone is sick! So, despite the fact that I wrote a brand new post for today, I wanted to revisit a post I wrote over a year ago and dedicate it to all the sick people out there. Happy New Year!

I feel like I'm cheating when I revisit posts, but if I ate a cookie every time someone said to me “pop a vitamin C” then I’d be rolling down the sidewalk. So, I think this is an important concept that should be revisited. Studies upon studies have shown that vitamin C cannot prevent or cure the common cold…I’m sorry! But the good news is, scientist have discovered that the placebo effect appears to contribute about 30% to our recoveries, so I guess vitamin C is doing something. Scary how powerful our minds are!

So, what should you do if you’re sick? Please stay at home, rest and stop passing around these nasty germs. Take care everyone!

Image courtesy of  gravity_grave